How Unlimited is Unlimited?

Everyone’s heard “Unlimited Disk space” and “Unlimited Bandwidth” used to describe a web hosting package. If you haven’t, search about, you’ll find plenty of web hosting companies that use those terms to lure you in!

We don’t advertise anything you can’t have. If you ever find a hard disk that has the ability to store an unlimited amount of data, please let me know! Storage capacity is getting bigger as technology advances but we’re still no where near to creating a hard drive with that kind of capability.

What I find funny is even though a web host advertises “Unlimited Storage”, they might suspend their user after time because their site has exceeded an inode limit. So, we’ll give you as much disk space as you want, but you can only store so many files…Make’s a lot of sense that does!

I know it’s only a short blog but I just wanted to get the point out there, there truly is no such thing as “Unlimited Diskspace”.

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